Winter Sunshine.

The Winter Sunshine is a Joy to see. it may be cold outside. A day of gloves, muffs, warm coats, wooly Winter warm hats. Your breath is like smoke from a chimney, still, wafting up and disappearing like snow falling into a river. A moment white, then melts forever.

I am on my way to select some stone I have harvested over the years. To look at them, select, wonder, imagine what it may become. what form will emerge when my mallet and chisel are put to work.

I want to sculpt, but I need the right conditions, space, time and an active muse. But just to be able to raise the stone up to the Winter sky,in itself, is a blessed thing to experience. some are dark, that not even the bright Sun penetrates them. some are translucent and I am able to see into its heart and ask, what would you like to become?

ALWAYS allow the heart of the stone to be the greater percentage in the decision making. My work is to uncover what needs to be uncovered. (Micheál)©   1478777675908-117943476


Need to get into Action for the Winter

Now that the year has developed into Winter, I really need to get my muse in gear. If I don’t ,  I’ll  probably die with cabin fever.

There’s nothing I love more than getting out to the wild woods, beaches, mountains, forests and hills.

It’s in these lonely places, I am able to charge my spirit body and soul. These places inspire me, comfort me, allow me to fly off from the busy, hustle and bustle.

In my quiet places I  am able to, sometimes spend hours, seeking rocks, driftwood, ancient stones and other mediums I think have a desire of their own, to be carved, sculpted into something newer. I utterly respect and adore and honour nature. To me, it is God given. To be cherished, looked after, fostered, to be respected. In the World our resources are finite NOT Infinite.

As I have begun, so I shall continue Deo Volente.

Having my teeth/jaw sculpted

I now know what my marble sculpts feel like, if they could feel. Had what I regard as wisdom teeth out. I’ve got a great compassionate dentist. However,  on the chair and four injections, I was a typical man. My head and neck where like being snapped. point of no return, I had to go through with it.. don’t read on if your of a sensitive nature……………………………………..Got out of chair, blood, jaw pain like being hit with one of my sculpting mallets. Home, bed, pain killers and feeling sorry for myself. I’m  a woos!

My jaw today is like a balloon. I’ll go easy with my sculpts in future. Talk to them, reassure them, say things like ” your doing well…..almost there…….hold the nurses hand Micheál”

Pain killers don’t seem to work too well.

Keep Christ in Christ/Mas

Christmas has been a sculpted season. It’s roots are set on the most beautiful Day we have. The birth of Our Lord. poor, born in a manger,  a place set aside for animal stock. yet he is our joy, our wonder, our faith and salvation.

Just as we breathtakingly look at a piece of marble, rock, oakwood, glass or any other medium, we can be inspired to have the desire, Muse,  want to create something beautiful, long lasting and forever. to bring joy to all.

The Christ, the Child Jesus, began his life here on Earth as a lowly child. Born into poverty but to be sculpted into the greatest person we have. Not just in our homes etc, but to fit perfectly into our hearts and lives.

Of course buy gifts, decorate trees, lights etc, but spare a thought for the Genesis of our season; Our Lord Jesus, who has sculpted a way of life, a path we are all invited to follow. We keep the Christ, Emmanuel ,  God with us in our lives. Christ lives, Happy Christ-Mas

Been to the Dentist…..

I’ve been to the dentist today. 8:30am appointment. I was so tired as I hardly slept last night. I sculpt, carve, break, mould stone, all sorts of rock/ mediums with purpose. BUT HAVING MY TEETH ” SCULPTED” ? I am in pain now. It’s been 3hrs 33mins since. I’m a woos,  Fearty,  nervous wreck, scaredy cat.

Taken painkillers. I wonder if my sculpted works need pain killers or just appreciation and love?

Meet the most frightened man going to Dentist….😲

Got S.A.D lamp

I’ve invested in a SAD lamp. Not knowing if it will do anything! Apprentice they are supposed to “lift/help”your mood.

Anyway, I have had it on for some days, Winter in Scotland days, and being a little bit skeptic about these things, I have been trying it out. I don’t stare at it or use it like a Tanning Salon thingy, it’s just on. I forget about it.

Do you know, really, I feel my mood has lifted somewhat. I know about placibo and psychosomatic etc, so I’m difficult to convince. I can only put the lift in my Gaels mood to my SAD lamp. sad me. 🙄

I am a person who believes in ” what the big print giveth, the small print taketh away” I read ALL THE SMALL PRINT and I’m feeling better…….😁 Micheál